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King's Chapel interior, Boston, MA. Canon 5D2, EF 28-135.

Backside Lions

Rear view of the 54th Massachusetts Memorial. Canon 5D2, EF 28-135.

54th Massachusetts Regiment Memorial

The 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, nicknamed the "Swamp Angels", was an infantry regiment that saw extensive service in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The regiment was one of the first official African-American units in the United States during the Civil War. Canon 5D2, EF 28-135.

Mary Detail

Pentax K-50, 18-135.

St. Joseph

Patron saint of aspirin. Pentax K-50, 18-135

Catching the Light

Pentax K-50, 18-135.

Mother & Son

Notre Dame de Namur cemetery, Worcester, MA. Pentax K-50, 18-135.

Moldy Mary

Notre Dame de Namur cemetery, Worcester, MA. All of the people buried here were nuns. Pentax K-50, 18-135.  

Shrine in the Pines

In 1900, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur purchased the property then known as Swan Farm. They affectionately renamed it “God’s Acre.” Pentax K-50, 18-135.

Stained Face

I think the streaks on her face make it look like she was crying. Hope Cemetery, Worcester, MA. Canon Rebel Xti, EF 24-70. Cropped 5x4.  

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