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Keystone KA-1

More free cameras from Craigslist! I think this is the one that I most hope is operative. Canon 5D2, EF 50/2.5. 1/50s, f/8, ISO 400. Adobe Lightroom adjustments.


Canon 5D2, EF 50/2.5. 1/160s, f/11, ISO 800. Cropped 5x4, Adobe Lightroom adjustments.

Lens Porn

Rikenon 55mm 1:1.4. Not especially rare or anything, but it is all-metal construction and has a nice heft to it. M42 screw mount. I found an adapter that I can put it on my 5D2. I have also recently acrquired two Ricoh film cameras that it fits (natch!). Canon 5D2, EF 50mm Compact Macro. 1/100s, f/8, ISO 1600. Off-camera flash.

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