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Dinosaur Fight!

Canon 5D Mark II, EF 50mm Compact Macro. f/32, 1/30s, ISO 3200.

We Were Once Like You

Canon 5D Mark II, EF 50mm Compact Macro. f/8, 1/30s, ISO 1600.

Look at Those Fucking Apples

Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-70L @43mm. f/2.8, 1/40s, ISO 1600.

National Condom Day – How Romantic!

The first uncontested description of condom use was written by Gabriele Falloppio in the 16th century, in response to the earliest documented appearance of syphilis in Europe during a 1490s outbreak. Falloppio described linen sheaths soaked in a chemical solution and allowed to dry before use. The sheaths were sized to cover the glans, and held on with a ribbon. Falloppio claimed that experimental trials of the sheaths demonstrated protection against syphilis. Canon 5D mkII, EF 50mm Compact Macro.  f/8, 1/40s, ISO 400. I was able to manage the glare on the various reflective surfaces in the photo by blasting it with light. Hair light and two softboxes 45 degrees above and to each side. I shut off 2 of the lamps in the softbox to camera right so as not to overpower the candle. source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condom

Kurt Fucking Cobain

A Simple Solution

127 lbs

Canon Rebel Xti, Sigma 18-50 @35mm. f/3.5, 1.3s, ISO 400. I used a tripod, my hands aren't that steady.

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